About QuickCliq


About QuickCliq

About QuickCliq

QuickCliq exists to make your life simpler

Whilst that sounds like a bold claim, the reality is, we’re already doing it for thousands of parents-of-children in over 900 Australian schools. 

QuickCliq provides a cashless ordering system for all your child’s school needs. Whether it’s for school dinners, uniforms or books, the central payment portal means your transactions are centralised, coordinated directly with the school, quick and simple. Just how it should be. School fees? No problem, they can be done through QuickCliq as well.

Bought by Australia’s largest school management platform service Sentral, in 2018, we’ve gained even more gravitas in the cashless payment sector. Our holding company Global Payments has enormous credibility in Australia and brings a proven reputation to establish peace-of-mind for all your cashless school payments.


Who are we?

QuickCliq was created in WA in 2010 as a way to empower parents and schools to deliver healthy, meals for students. QuickCliq’s entirely cashless ordering system connects parents with school’s directly, freeing up time otherwise spent managing finances, and general household duties. The business has quickly grown to having a presence in over 900 schools across Australia.

The business was purchased in 2018 by Sentral. Sentral is Australia’s largest School Management Software system with over 2,500 schools using our SMS. The combination and integration of QuickCliq and Sentral improves and simplifies the user experience for both school and parents.