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Created by schools and parents, Quickcliq is your one-stop online ordering system for all of your school needs. What used to take hours to procure can now be done in one place, with a simple click of a button. Our services covers school canteens, uniforms, booklists, fundraising, fees and suppliers. Tell your school about us today! We are busy developing additional features in preparation for the new school year.

We have over 200,000+ students using QuickCliq
across Australia so far...

For Schools

The vast majority of us prefer not to use cash! Is your school cashless?

Our service provides you with a virtual volunteer who automatically tallies your orders, counts money, and keeps track of stock at the click of a button, saving time and money. Our online ordering system has been designed to encourage canteens and uniform shops to be able to do most of the changes by themselves. It also allows you to generate a variety of daily reports and enables you to see orders as they are coming in. It becomes a hub for all your families.

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For Parents / Users

Is your school registered for online ordering with QuickCliq ?

Sign up now and you can join thousands of users Australia wide that are using this simple online ordering system for their ordering needs. Using QuickCliq helps you stay organised, order up-to 4 weeks in advance. By supporting QuickCliq you’re supporting your school.

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As a canteen manager you will be pleasantly surprised how feature rich our solution is. It makes managing a canteen a breeze.


We enable canteen managers to be self sufficient as much as possible, yet we are always there to help and support them.


Canteen managers can manage their menus, update stock, add their own breaks, track their cost price / sales price. It comes with a vast subset of reports.


Uniform shop manager will be able to manage their stock, prices and orders. They will be able to run their own reports whenever they want.


Our system features a traffic light system and vouchers for promoting healthy meals.


We offer a Point of Sale system using student cards or cash that is integrated with QuickCliq's online ordering system.


Our system enables schools to raise funds via fundrasing activities or events.


A recently introduced feature is the ability to order various supplies from nominated suppliers.


Our website features light and a mobile friendly interface for people on the go.

Who we are

QuickCliq is a 100% Australian owned and operated company.

We are one of Australia's leading providers of online ordering services for schools and parents. We are a well recognised brand in the Australia. Our call centre is over HERE and not overseas. We are servicing over 700 schools Australia wide.

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