Discover the benefits of cashless school payment

For canteen orders, uniforms, fundraising events & more


Discover the benefits of cashless school payment

For canteen orders, uniforms, fundraising events & more

Discover the benefits of cashless school payment

For canteen orders, uniforms, fundraising events & more

QuickCliq is a convenient online ordering system trusted by over 900 schools and thousands of parents across Australia

Let QuickCliq’s practical online solution help you manage your school canteen orders,
uniforms, fundraising events and more.

QuickCliq was created in WA in 2010 to empower parents and schools to deliver healthy meals for students. QuickCliq’s cashless ordering system connects parents with school’s directly, freeing up time otherwise spent managing finances and general household duties.


Cashless payments

Going cashless is a breeze. Parents place student orders instantly by adding credit to their online wallet, or pay as they go using a credit/debit card. No more cash-handling! Plus: gain full visibility to your school's revenue with funds paid weekly into a nominated bank account.


Unlock process efficiencies

Enjoy QuickCliq’s process efficiencies. Helping staff manage menus, track sales and identify top selling products, all via a single platform.


Dedicated support

You’ll be given your own Account Manager to provide training, ongoing guidance and technical support. Plus, our local support staff are available by phone from 7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.


Virtual volunteer

We all need support with those admin tasks. With QuickCliq you get just that. Your virtual volunteer will automatically tally orders, count money and track stock.


Instant updates

When it’s time to update the school menu or remove an item from the uniform shop, QuickCliq’s online platform makes registered changes and updates in real-time.


The perfect fundraising/event organiser

QuickCliq supports the creation and roll-out of fundraising events via a dedicated page. Bulk emails to parents can be handled directly through QuickCliq.




Convenient. Cashless. Contactless.

Developed in collaboration with teachers and parents. It’s incredibly easy to use!



Here’s why you will value QuickCliq:


Versatility of a one-stop-shop

Whether it’s ordering school uniforms, books, or managing your child’s canteen requests, QuickCliq is the answer.

  • QuickCliq is powered by Ezidebit.
  • One-stop-shop for uniforms, books and managing canteen requests.
  • Utilise pre-funded wallets to avoid handling cash and avoiding loss of money.
  • Have peace of mind your financial transactions are secure.
simple automation with QuickCliq

Simple Automation

QuickCliq is mobile-friendly. It’s just as easy and convenient to process orders even when you’re on the go.

  • QuickCliq automates the processes associated with multiple payment options.
  • Experience process efficiencies for schools by helping staff manage menus and tracking sales.
  • Manage school stocks on uniforms and books through simple stock reporting.

Save time with simplified payments

Driving time efficiencies is at the heart of the service, meaning teachers have more time to teach, and parents have peace-of-mind that those time-consuming, but critical tasks are being taken care of.

  • Plan student canteen meals in advance and avoid the day-to-day manual routine.
  • Going cashless means payments are just a click away. No more hunting around for the right change.
Help when you need it-schools

Help when you need it

QuickCliq offers a dedicated Account Manager to schools to provide training and ongoing support.

  • We understand that every school canteen is different, with varying needs and wants. Our customer support team is deeply knowledgeable about our platform and will find the right solution for you.
  • A dedicated Account Manager will provide onboarding, training, ongoing guidance and technical support.



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